Intensive Care Guarantee $ 25 mln Earning Money To Help Care for Children

Brave Care, a founder of children in Portland, has stepped up $ 25 million in Series B funding for the development of pediatric and professional medical care.

The round fund was led by Mednax and brings in all the revenue raised from 2019 to $ 42.9 million. Round results, Mednax’s Chief Development Officer, Drs. Jim Swift, has joined the Board of Directors of Brave Care. Mark S. Ordan, Chief Executive Officer of Mednax, cited the circumstance as saying:

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with Brave Care. I was thrilled to visit Brave Care Hospital this summer. another important factor in rejuvenating our interest as a leader in the special work of women and children. ”

Brave Care, a graduate of Y Combinator, was set up to help improve child care through reliable expertise and data analysis to address the plight of more than 21 million parents who are forced to pay exorbitant prices to get children the care they need. The launch has opened children’s hospitals around the United States which are open 12 hours a day and also provides 24/7 remote care via telephone and a special mobile app.

It is estimated that approximately 37% of all children in the United States suffer from at least one condition that requires regular checkups, while 25% require urgent care by 2019. Now, startups are looking to meet the needs of open facilities designed to meet child care needs. . Darius Monsef, CEO of Brave Care, said how the funding will help Brave Care fulfill its mission:

“With this exciting investment, Brave Care now has the opportunity to improve the education of children in the country, enhance their experience and increase the opportunity for every child to do their best. We created Brave Care from the knowledge that every parent needs a trusted partner in their child’s medical team. , and that every child should receive the best possible care regardless of their family’s financial status. Sharing this with Mednax, we see this as a unique opportunity to open more than 100 hospitals in the next few years. ”

Given the natural concern of a parent for the health of his children, it is not uncommon for unnecessary visits to the child support even though the ER becomes a common occurrence. By allowing parents to connect with a pediatrician through this app and mobile application in addition to offices and emergency rooms, Brave Care provides parents with periodic care to minimize confusion in medical procedures while resolving parental concerns in a timely manner.

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