Instagram is testing in-app updates on what can happen at work

One week after the peak which took all social networking sites for more than six hours, Instagram says which notifies users of “temporary problems” such as shutdown or other complications.

These new information will appear in the User Activity, along with other in-app notifications. These messages can be used to alert users to other things, such as News settings not working, or a more common problem, such as double-viewing last week. Importantly, Instagram says it does not want to alert users to any news, but that could be a general distraction.

“We will not be sending a message anytime soon, but when we see that people are confused and looking for answers, we will see if something like this can help clarify things,” she wrote on Instagram in a blog post. The company also said it was testing the side in the US “for the next few months.”


Separately, Instagram also introduced a new “account app” feature in its app, which aims to alert users to “what’s going on with your account” information. Instagram says it starts with notifications of deleted mail and when an account is “at risk of being disabled” for violating the law.

According to Instagram, the operation should make it easier for users to understand why the post should have been deleted, as well as whether they could be at risk of losing the entire account. Although the app notified users in the past when a post was written or deleted, the company would not be doing a good job of notifying people amen points that they break. Supervisors Supervisors have Facebook should do a good job of explaining the rules to users, and how the account can help them do this.

Account Status also enables the app to respond to an issue about Instagram: anxiety Instagram says “in the coming months” it plans to reschedule accounts so people know “how their stuff is distributed and promote various Instagram features.”

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