I love you guys: Kareena Kapoor Khan opens her strong LGBTQ fanbase

The LGBTQ group is known to be very passionate and always stands by those who love them and feel loved. We have seen it before with the likes of well-known pop stars such as Madonna, Britney Spears, and others. In India, there are not many actors that the LGBTQ group ‘stands for’ but almost all the second gay men in India seem to like Kareena Kapoor Khan very much. Perhaps by her beauty or her self-confidence or by showing off the unforgettable Poo right away, Kareena has been very well received by the community. In private conversation with Movies, Kareena explained this and spoke kind words about his local fans.

“I love you guys! I love that you always bathe me with so much love. I love to be shown and both Saif and I are people who live openly and have friends all over the world from the LGBTQ group. They are willing and open-minded and that’s how I expect to raise my children. We talk to them about the community and I feel the way it should be, “she says with a smile.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

The program of Jab We met The mother added that she is making sure that the community is spoken to by talking to her children so that they know more about them. “Even calling them ‘different’ is something I don’t like. We’re one. That’s the idea. Why do people even say ‘this is so different’? the way I think and that’s the way I treat my guys to think again, ”he added.

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