Hundreds of planes in the Southwest have been suspended Monday following a week of violence by Covid Vax Mandate pilots

Hundreds of flights to the southwest were canceled Monday morning after a week of deadly work disruptions as pilots fought the Covid war.

Nearly 2,000 southwest flights were canceled over the weekend and the ban continued on Monday morning.

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As of Monday morning, 365 trips to the southwest had been suspended and more than 600 were delayed.

Thousands of angry protesters disappeared as a result of the ban and the Southwest began to crack down on vandals.

In the southwest it is said that the planes were canceled due to bad weather in Florida and the difficulty of flying even though competitors in the region say less.

Workers are on strike over the Covid vaccine and the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association is battling violence in court.

Bloomberg reports:

Pilots from Southwest Airlines Co. asked the court to ban the company from conducting the coronavirus vaccine according to the government until the previous lawsuit against US violations ended.

A meeting of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association also called for a speedy hearing in a court in Dallas, alleging that the carrier would continue to act in violation of the Railway Labor Act, which regulates airline relations. These methods include the Covid-19 vaccine.

“The new licensing vaccine implements new labor laws and the new regulations threaten the removal of any pilot who has not been vaccinated by December 8, 2021,” the lawsuit was filed. “The new and uncoordinated change of Airlines’ south-west organizations violates the RLA’s mandate.”

The South West has set a deadline on October 4 under the auspices of a federal vaccine for workers in companies working in partnership with the US government. Employees can seek medical or religious services. The union represents 9,000 pilots in the southwest.

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