How did Evan Phillips write one show in NLCS Game 5? Writing the rules helps the Dodgers help

Dodgers defender Evan Phillips worked hard on the first blow he suffered Thursday night: a one-off strike.

How did this happen? The Phillips benefited from baseball rules that score goals, which include as many mountain items as one Ks.

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Here is the explanation:

Phillips was called up for the first exit in the first Game inning in the Dodgers-Braves NLCS, after opening Los Angeles, Joe Kelly, had to give up the game hard. Kelly was removed inside in front of Adam Duvall of Atlanta. The count was 2-2 when Kelly called in LA dugout to coach. Kelly left the game with the coach soon after.

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Kelly’s injury forced Dodgers manager Dave Roberts to call Phillips’ right hand, which took a few minutes to warm up (see the corresponding law). When Phillips was ready, he was about to leave Duvall. Phillips immediately threw a shot that Duvall went through Strike 3.

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So, exactly, how did Phillips be known to be stout when Kelly performed two shows from Duvall? Baseball Rule 9.16 (h) (3) clearly states:

If, when the jars are changed (within the inning), the calculation is

2, 2 balls,
1 ball, 2 beats,
1 ball, 1 stitch,
1 ball, not hitting,
no ball, 2 hit,
no ball, hit 1,

The Asked Seller will control the batter and the batter to the rescue kit. “

That’s why Phillips was named D of Duvall even though he only threw once.

He retired from Atlanta 1-2-3 with two other appearances – in just 14 seats – in the second inning. And when the Dodgers took the lead in the inning against Braves co-founder Max Fried, Phillips was suddenly on the line to be named the winner. That’s another rule to rule sometime.

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