Horror Scott Derrickson The Black Phone: Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke is wearing a white mask and horn in a prominent position from The Black Phone.

We then I have a trailer for new Shouting video, here is another horrible trailer about a ringing phone it’s a cheat time (though the movie won’t be released until next year): Black Phone. It’s new from Scott Derrickson, whose main debt is 2016’s Doctor Strange but his fascinating potential was further demonstrated in his film, including Exorcism Release by Emily Rose, Save us from evil, and Wicked. The last chapter is especially known for the reason Black Phone and stars Wicked‘s Ethan Hawke-Although they seem to be playing in a different style here. Look!

Here is a valid explanation for a Black Phone, the trailer may not have shocked you in the past. As the cell phone rang, Finney found himself hearing the voices of those who had already been killed. And they are determined to make sure that what happened to them does not happen to Finney. ”

We’ve seen a lot of movies about kidnappers, but often the story is told from fearful parents or determined cops – not just the victim’s teenager and his or her crazy partner, but also of course nor did he speak of “those who have been scorned and reviled by the ass.”

Together with Hawke, it was Mason Thames who first made the film as Finney Shaw; Among them are James Ransone, Jeremy Davies, E. Roger Mitchell, and Madeline McGraw. Directed by Derrickson, Black Phone written by Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill (Doctor Strange, Sinister) and it’s a short story of Joe Hill (Locke & Secret, Creepshow, Nyanga).

Black Phone will arrive at the theater on February 4.

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