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Hillary Clinton did not fail, as she mocked the Republican leadership in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s fraudulent remarks on ‘The View.’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 73, appeared See Monday, October 11, and before discussing his new book Dangerous World by a fellow author Louise Penny, Elected President of the 2016 Democratic Party also burdened the former President Donald Trump, 75, and his false claims for Election fraud. Clinton persecuted Republican leaders for not blocking Trump’s election.

Lover Sara Haines asked a former Trump lady about trying to force Justice Department officials to cancel the 2020 elections, where she lost the President Joe Biden, and how it led to January 6 attack. Haines questioned Clinton’s response to Trump’s sentiments, calling on leaders not to crack down on electoral fraud. “It’s not that we’re just about to get into legal trouble, and that doesn’t make me happy to say that, because I think we’re at a very high risk, and I will continue to do so. attack legitimacy about our government, and the election of our president. Obviously, our former President is not behind them. He started it. He advocated this, and he continues to do so, and you have Republican leaders who have followed, as if they were religious. Not a political party, but a sect. They continue to oppose elections, as well as their refusal to say, ‘You know what? We have read these votes. It’s over. “Going forward,” he said, “planted a lot of suspicion,” he said.

Clinton said the crisis in the electoral system was not over. “When you combine it with the Internet known as Facebook, then you are connected. We are still in the middle of a well-rounded, well-paid partnership to undermine American democracy, ”he said.

Aside from the electoral fraud, Clinton also spoke about who could run in the 2024 election as a Republican, explaining that Trump has a lot of power in the party, after receiving guests. Sherri Shepherd asked about Nikki Haley. “If [Trump] he wants to be elected, he will be elected, ”he said. “I think everyone is talking [running] or reasoning understands. All he does is try to strengthen himself and play with him, because when he decides not to compete with them, he wants to be second or choice. ”

Hillary Clinton criticized Republican leaders for following Trump’s election on ‘The View.’ (Michel Euler / AP / Shutterstock)

The former Secretary of State also criticized the Republican leadership, for supporting Trump, but also stated that his successor party plays an important role in what leaders do not say against him. “I think it says a lot about the Republican party today that a man with a history of rebellion, the accuser of the biggest health crisis we have had for more than 100 years, which is COVID, and the list goes on, is known to be a leader, because they are all afraid of the party. He is traveling the world and attending these meetings, ”he said.

Clinton also unveiled some of the reasons why people support Trump, considering history. “Beliefs come from time to time, and they may arise, later, fall, or they may have a permanent position of leadership – as well as dictatorial leadership – where they take advantage of people who truly believe what they are being told or who lose their share for unfair, economic reasons. , emotional intelligence, ”he said.

In an interview, Clinton also spoke about the recent whistleblower on Facebook and the challenges that websites face in politics, and also spoke about Biden’s Build Back Better plan and roadblocks that Democrats have encountered from filmmakers. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Video for the construction bill to be passed, before discussing his book Dangerous World on display. HollywoodLife went to Donald Trump’s office to explain.

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