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There is a new DWL specialist in town! The final minutes of the ‘Heels’ season saw Crystal at the top. HL spoke calmly to Kelli Berglund, who ended Crystal’s successful season and much more.

Crystal took over the management and became the new DWL leader in Metals end season. I am Jack and Ace on the ground after a fierce fight in the ring, Crystal climbed the ladder and snatched her opponent’s belt. Considering he started as valet bus, this is Crystal’s greatest achievement.

So where does Crystal go? Kelli Berglund he was told HollywoodLife DEDICATED that Crystal probably “just woke up” a little bit. He acknowledged that Crystal’s success will be a “change” for everyone in the second season, and he wants to learn more about the Crystal family. Read our Q&A below:

Kelli Berglund as Crystal on ‘Heels.’ (NEWS)

Crystal is the new hero! How do you feel when you read this? I feel like at the beginning of the season, Crystal was probably the last person we expected to be on top.
Kelli Berglund: I love that for that reason. We’ve been making Crystal all this time and we want to see her win, but I don’t think we expect her to be the one to climb the ladder, which is why it’s amazing. I was very surprised when I read it. It made me cry. It was fun. It seemed like a great moment to him. Even here, every time I watch this episode it still finds me. I’m still crying because the day we filmed it, I was crying as I walked over there, climbed the ladder, and grabbed the belt. It was very interesting for Crystal and for Kelli, which is why it is one of my favorite things to paint this season.

Where do you think they go?
Kelli Berglund: It’s fun, I’ve thought about this a lot. I think Crystal’s part is scared because she just stumbled. He wants his moment, but I’m not sure he wants it to happen in front of thousands of people by accident. They did what they could to save the game because it would have been dangerous for them if someone had not intervened in the fight and ruined the end of the game, but I think they knew they had a place for a long time and looked a certain way and wanted to be approved. The reason I think as a person, is just walking a little bit. What does this mean? Technically, seizing the bell means you are now a winner. So does this mean that they have to form an alliance with women in order to fight back? Can he fight these guys? I don’t know what that means. I think it puts him in a leadership position, which I think is a good thing, and maybe a position similar to the others here like Jack Willie, maybe Ace. Ace may be upset that he did not receive the bell. But it is a question and it will be a change for everyone on the dome into the second season.

We’ve seen over time how Ace can’t turn into a safe haven, not a face. We’ll see him come out at the very end of the game. Do you think she would really be happy for Crystal?
Kelli Berglund: I do not know. I think he can, and I’d love to see a relationship and such a relationship seems to be going to be fixed before it comes out. When he looks like a Bunny Bombshell, he just talks about this. Before they can come out, they punch a little bit as if they are in a relationship and they want to get better and better. But I think he is very angry with his brother at this point. I think Crystal is taking part in the conversation. It’s not really his fault, but especially from the moment he thinks it’s all right to find out what Jack did for him, which just sends him. This is why they start beating him real hard. They will get tired. He was very excited to get the belt, so I’m sure the other part has been upset. If I have to think about it, and this is Alexander’s question, I think of how he feels and his anger, and his frustrations are with his brother at the moment.

Kelli Berglund
Kelli Berglund and Alexander Ludwig on ‘Heels.’ (NEWS)

Obviously, it’s very difficult because they’re brothers, but is there a part of Crystal, who would be afraid to trust Jack?
Kelli Berglund: I think so. I think there is a lot of danger and poison between them because of what they did with their father. This puts a heavy burden on both of them. Jack feels that there is a lot that compels him to keep the dome moving and make sure Ace is in good shape because Ace is just like he never walked the railroad all the time. But I think in the past, Crystal knew that these people were human beings and they were facing their own problems and that’s why she didn’t say anything. They sit back because they enjoy being here. They don’t want to offend anyone, but they also know their place and they want respect, which is why I think they sometimes struggle with it because they want to see how much they can do, which doesn’t always seem like it. But we see a good relationship between Jack and Crystal in both cases so well, well, maybe we are on a path where you can see me as equal, you can see that my mind is smart and I know what I am talking about. That’s why I think this will help. I mean, there’s no reason to look at Crystal and think she doesn’t know what she’s talking about because she’s shown herself many times. I think they just respect them as human beings and that they are going through a lot, but when the time comes when you can deal with the problem and your own weight, then it starts to affect the people around you, the wrong way. I think we’ve seen this with these two brothers how they treat each other, how they interact with Crystal, and how they interact with other people and their business. I think Crystal will not be nervous in the second season. I think he will stand up for himself a little bit.

Wild Bill and Crystal became the most unexpected couple. What did you do when you saw Wild Bill tear down his pants?
Kelli Berglund: I love the amazing little Crystal-Wild Bill thing. I think he sees a lot in her, which he really appreciates, even though she’s so shy. You’re the one who admits he’s talented, and I think at first he was just doing it to upset Ace and Jack and try to get under their skin because that’s what they do. But there is that moment in episode 5 where none of the guys we have and we are on autograph signature and these kids have asked for a picture with Bill. He’s like, “No, Crystal has stepped in again, too. She’s going to be a star.” And she had all those conversations before she decided to write. Any problem with Bill, which I think is funny. “I’ll save you guys. Bill won’t be in it. We’re trying to help each other. That’s what I think he signed to be his valet, even though some of them hate it. He’s like, you know what? I’ll be Bunny Bombshell. It’ll be fine. I’ll go help my fighter. That’s what valets are.” they do, and then it just goes crazy.

Would you like to see where the force is going? I feel like almost a family-female relationship.
Kelli Berglund: That sounds great, especially since we don’t know the history of Crystal. We do not know where his family lives. I think it’s obvious that her parents aren’t in her life. We have a lot of crazy people in this town and this app. I think that could be a catalyst for Crystal’s success now that she has a belt. We do not know exactly what this means. Is the crystal ready to do all this well? Does he want to go to the major leagues and stay on TV. Maybe Bill can help with this. This acknowledging growth and knowing that he has talent means a lot to him, which I think really influenced him not to make his own writing. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard anything like this except Bobby and his friends. To please her, and she has to enjoy herself, it probably hinders her a lot because she was in danger of sitting back and being a valet. Maybe this will make him make the wrong decisions after he gets him to work. Maybe he will act rashly, perhaps because Bill is not in control of his life. I say he feels sorry for Bill in some of these matters. It’s human, he’s passionate, and I think maybe this fatherly thing was released because of Crystal. They bring out the best in each other.

Do you have any other expectations for the second season? I would like to know more about Crystal history.
Kelli Berglund: That is number one on my list. I have written some of these things just to discuss with our makers, just ideas. Number one, and I think that’s the way it is with so many people on the show. I want to know how he got here. I want to know their background history and think it would be fun to make and deepen on Crystal. The way I have piled them together in my head, not knowing much because I didn’t, I think they probably come from a broken family. His parents probably drank too much. He talks to Jack in the car where his mother drinks all the time, which is why I know it was a tense situation between him and his family. She has to grow up to be an adult and to be anxious and earn a living, which is why she lives with them for 1 year and we see her succeeding many times. I think that probably comes from that. I want to know when he started fighting, why he fought. Is this something they watch on TV? He said he has been going to the dome since he was a child. So why did he start doing this? Also, I love her and Willie for being a female duo. I feel like we’ve seen Crystal become more feminine against women, as opposed to Trisha, her more against Willie in some way earlier this season. We haven’t seen him make a date with another woman, so if it’s Willie, whether it’s a new girl coming into the dome to be a female wrestler, it’s one thing I’d love to have in Crystal and see how she handles it.

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