GreyMatter Robotic Receives $ 1 mln from National Science Foundation Writer to Advise Supportive Cell Research

GrayMatter Robotics, an AI-robotic founder based in Los Angeles, has been was given $ 1 million and the National Science Foundation one week after closing a $ 4.1 million seed supply.

The funding was provided by a subsidiary of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) with the aim of accelerating the launch of R&D on Smart Robotic Cells Surface Finishing & Treatment Applications, which are required to change operations on a regular basis. Dr Elizabeth Mirowski, SBIR / STTR Program Director at NSF, also commented on the funding saying:

“We are excited to support the technology that can help improve people’s lives. The developing GrayMatter technology will enable manufacturers to grow their business in the US while giving employees a better chance of working without stressful and stressful work.”

SBIR’s mission is to improve the quality of life of manufacturers by reducing the amount of time they spend on exhausting, repetitive, and wasteful tasks. The automation solutions developed by GrayMatter allow employees to focus on other aspects of production such as making high-level decisions. This will not only benefit the staff in overcoming health problems but will also help the final product to be more efficient and effective. Ariyan Kabir, co-founder and CEO of GrayMatter Robotic, said about the project:

“We want to improve the lives of shopkeepers, increase their skills in the workplace, and enable them to focus on high-level jobs. Manufacturing drives our economy, and without completing and healing them, there is a high risk that the global economy could be ruined by unemployment. ”

GrayMatter Robotic has already been awarded I $ 256k I SBIR / STTR, while $ 1 million has become part of Phase 2 of the program, which demonstrates the potential for early technologies launched. The National Science Foundation is not the only organization supporting this initiative, as companies such as Stage Venture Partners, Calibrate Ventures, 3M Ventures, OCA Ventures, Pathbreaker Ventures, and B Capital Group all joined a $ 4.1 seed supplier at the end of September.

Although much has been said about the dangers of only . The GrayMatter Robotic solution seeks to set an example by reducing the risk of injury, stress, and overcrowding by increasing the value of their work and giving them the opportunity to develop new skills.

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