Getsafe Raises $ 63 mln After Increasing Series B Round

Getsafe, a terrorist founder in Heidelberg, has raised some issues $ 63 million after expanding its B list to $ 93 million.

With the participation of new investors Abacon Capita and existing ones such as Earlybird, CommerzVentures, and Swiss Re, the expansion will encourage the introduction of insurance coverage and accelerate its spread to Europe. Christian Nagel, a friend of mine at Earlybird, quoted the circles as saying:

“We are excited to be working with the team around CEO Christian Wiens. Getsafe’s vision of appealing to people with digital insurance, and transforming the company is a successful journey to live with. for the insurance sector is better and offers more opportunities for growth. Getsafe is well known for bridging the gap between the distribution of insurance and the needs of new customers in Europe. ”

Getsafe has been providing mortgage insurance in Germany since late 2017 but has expanded it to include car insurance. The growth of this initiative also includes their launch of new markets such as the United Kingdom in 2020, which now represents a quarter of its overall growth.

This initiative was born out of the belief that insurance companies have not changed the way things are today, refusing to change their old ways without dividing digital systems and methods. Christian Wiens, CEO & Co-Founder of Getsafe, said on the issue:

“The types of insurance we know today have been set up at a very different time. But insurance, more than anything else, can be better with the use of technology and machine learning. This is why we believe that the insurance companies created from the beginning, in their own digital way, are expected to be very successful in the coming generations. ”

Getsafe is now working hard to expand its coverage across Europe, and to bring it to the full insurance to inform millions of people and to expand its sales line using its professional approach.

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