FT Executive MBA List 2021: power in the midst of the plague

The French, Chinese and US-Hong Kong affiliate program still holds the top three positions in Role of FT’s 2021 Executive MBA, a year marked by epidemic disruption in the workplace and education.

HEC in Paris The global EMBA also found a top position, ahead of – in the second junction – the Kellogg / HKUST EMBA in Hong Kong, which led the 2020 series, is China Europe International Business School (TextsINTERNATIONAL EMBA in Shanghai.

EMBA students continued to pay higher bills during business uncertainty, with interim payments between FT graduates enrolled by FT in 2020 and 2021 from $ 276,655 to $ 281,089.

The number of students in advanced pilot schools where FT dropped slightly, year after year. Of the 88 schools enrolled in 2020 and 2021, the number dropped from 7,932 to 7,616, and of the 123 organizations surveyed, it dropped from 10,729 to 10,180.

While many business schools continue to attract mixed students from all over the world to more or less co-operative camps, some small and regional schools have struggled in recent months after the collapse.

FT Executive MBA dated 2021: top 100

Miami Herbert Business School

Find schools there our position in EMBA degrees. Learn how the table was designed.

“We have some schools that have closed their doors and some have programs,” said Michael Desiderio, executive director of Embac, a business organization that represents a large group of about 300 EMBA, including many in the US. “My intestines [says], all over the world, the size of the class is either slower or slower, but I don’t see the value of things falling. ”

EMBA provides training to supervisors and supervisors who are highly skilled in their work and continue to work while earning a living. These roles are based on standards such as alumni salaries and how education has helped them achieve their goals within three years of graduation, as well as the diversity of academic and teaching institutions as well as the nature of academic research.

The top three FT programs – and many more among the 100 – are offered at several camps around the world, which have allowed the schools to offer a number of experiences and great flexibility in restricting travel.

Both HEC Paris and Ceibs operate in their respective territories – France and Qatar, as well as China, Ghana and Switzerland, respectively. Kellogg / HKUST’s EMBA is located in Hong Kong but offers students the opportunity to study at other camps around the world.

Yuan Ding, Ceibs’ chief of staff, said the ban on the epidemic and the political changes in China’s relations with the whites had led to “significant improvements”. He has seen the destruction of foreign and foreign students, which has been frustrated by the recurrence of academic citizens who are trained in China. “We don’t see globalization as a priority. You have to provide content and topics that are important to your community, ”he said.

Kathy Harvey, a fellow MBA and major degrees at Oxford’s Saïd Business School, ranked number 12 on his EMBA, said the size of the classrooms was much lower in 2020 and 2021 than before the epidemic, but the amount of work and its type remained strong. He also said the willingness of fellow employers working far away to allow students to travel to the UK to participate in their studies after working away from a hotel room if they were offered privately.

“We found out that as one of the world’s most popular school programs, we were not affected as much as we thought,” he said, adding that Saïd had introduced “owl and lark” sessions so that students could enter or watch a variety of discussions over time.

The growth of online courses has increased the number of students and foreign speakers to participate in EMBAs. Among FT-run schools, the number of female students rose in 2021 to one-third, continuing to increase from a quarter of a decade ago. There has been a similar increase in the female art sector.

Eight of the most advanced programs are run in a number of countries, inclusive EMBA All over Asia cooperation between Columbia, London Business School and the University of Hong Kong, and Three Global MBA, affiliate degree offered in partnership with HEC Paris, London School of Economics and Stern University in New York.

Between North America and Europe, China is one of the most well-known places for EMBAs, although the courses offered are also available in places like Singapore, South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Gulf, North Africa and Iran.

“Last year’s message was bold and zealous,” said Elizabeth O’Neill, managing director of Trium. “We asked our teachers, students and staff. We were leading and providing programming for leaders around the world who understand because they were in organizations that are changing rapidly. “

Schools and alumni were intrigued by those who applied to learn digital skills and technologies, and wanted a little online training so they could adapt to learning, working and traveling.

“A great culture has always wanted anything digital,” says Andrew Crisp from CarringtonCrisp, an education consultant. “Students want the content of digital transformation, leadership and everything else. They also need digital transmission – in particular. . . preparation before class, [to] reduces the number of days just before arriving at work. ”

Courses calculated by FT must train at least 30 students and be administered by a US-based Association accredited school in the Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or European-based Equis system.

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