Former Afghan Defense Minister’s Son Backs House for $ 20.9 Million in Beverly Hills

Photo Credit: Yahoo News

Daoud Wardak, the son of Afghanistan’s Security Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak, recently bought a magnificent 9,000-inch mansion on Beverly Hills’ Trousdale Estates.

The site was rebuilt this year and designed by a design company Woods + Dangaran. The house was said to be a mix of “modern middle-aged men” in the market list.

The property was last sold in 2016 for $ 9.5 million for Woodbridge Group, Ponzi scheme that does not end now. According to a report from Dothi, “Woodbridge destroyed the first house on the site, and the house was sold to Wardak in lieu of Woodbridge’s recent actions by Gathering Thoughts, was the first to build luxury homes in Los Angeles. ”

Daoud Wardak already had $ 5.2 million in the famous St. Louis area. Regis Bal Harbor Resort in Miami, Florida.

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A research journalist from The Intercept wrote extensively about Wardak.

WION News reports:

The building is known for its ‘modern day’ design, the building was rebuilt this year and was built by the famous construction company Woods + Dangaran.

The building now has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, A-glass classrooms and a sleek Downtown LA look. The whole house is lined with uncut wood and other similar materials resembling gray ash and cream throughout the house.

At the back of the house is an open-sided pool near the house that allows people to be quiet in the area – which is what the new owners want.

A so-called “Pashtun refugee” born in Afghanistan in 1977, the man is believed to be the President of AD Capital Group, a Miami-based company. Daoud Wardak is the last son of Abdul Rahim.

Abdul Rahim Wardak served as security minister for the Afghan government between 2004 and 2012. He is best known as a strategist for the establishment of the Afghan Army (ANA). While the U.S. has spent nearly $ 85 billion on the ANA over the past 20 years, many believe that some leaders are fooling the amount of troops they have in order to save more money on their profits.

His older brother, Hamed Wardak, who lives in Georgetown grad, is the owner of the Virginia military company NCL Holdings in Virginia. The company is said to have brought in more than $ 360 million from U.S. governments to protect the lines in Afghanistan, according to a report. Los Angeles Magazine. In 2019, Sarah Goolden, the fashion statement said the elderly Wardak raped her after she rejected him on a trip to Miami.

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