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Author Rushmika Banerjee

Founded in 2008, Troy Costa’s familiar name has changed over the years to suit the growing interests of modern Indians. Costa, who wears the most famous men in the country, has a leading position in the modern design league – which emphasizes their design and flexibility rather than being popular. And her most recent show at FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week obviously came from this philosophy.

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With more than 10 years in the market, Costa has always recognized himself as a leader and not a manufacturer. They believe that one should have a close relationship with their tailor, which they ensure by asking every customer to come to his or her place to receive basic needs. Savile Row’s approach to clothing has not only improved her skills but also helped her become more aware of her clients’ needs. In doing so, the brand has developed the following and understanding men’s clothing that goes beyond business attire and high-end clothing.

The first appearance on the street was a communicative style adorned with captions, and it immediately began to sing for the whole group with a simple, powerless vibe. Athletics are followed: low athletes and shorts; sweet skirts and bomb blasts, designed to be comfortable. The metal hoodie and extra pants were the highlight of the session – a bold statement for the post-COVID world. The look was completed with white shoes, belts and baseball caps. Wise business ensembles were next. A red jacket and trousers worn on a smooth cloud, a blazer with stripes at the sides and a matching suit. Although the wounds were simple and old-fashioned, the manufacturer only took a closer look – a precious bag on the bomb, neon cords and cords and stripes running along the side of the jumper.

While we would love to see a different race track and a strong push against the boundaries of gender, Costa experimented with a number of forms that played a jab at the common masculine mindset. For example, a late-pink suit wore a pink (Timothée Chalamet) shirt, as well as a very long dress made of steel trousers that were comfortable in the 90s. While men’s armor also finds updates with the minaudière type and wallet.

In keeping with looking beyond the plague-free world, walking is the main theme of the collection, with duffel bags and handbags that complemented some forms. In a statement to the press, Costa said, “The [Troy Costa man] is a lover of travel and a lover of fashion. The past few months have shown how one can celebrate every day, since tomorrow is not promised! “Based on this inspiration, the clothes became beautiful, but they were warmed by the simplicity of the road. A major change from Costa’s original show, where he explores more of the glory. Highlights of the recent event included a knit jacket on white shorts, a tight fuchsia suit and a zebra print blazer.

Avido Tourista, which translates as “tourist” in English, is a smart team that brings “luxe and bespoke” clothing to all mobile devices. In the last decade, the modern Indian father is reintroducing his ornaments, and Troy Costa hopes to take the lead.

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