Facebook is launching a new strategy to protect people from harassment

Facebook is launching new policies to protect users from cyber bullying and harassment. Mu post Provided by Head of Security Antigone Davis, the company said it would reduce the number of pilot activities supervised by people at risk of external vulnerability. This is so even if what people write does not violate its security guidelines. In addition, Facebook says it will remove any content that is offensive, whether by text messages, comments or posts. As part of the same policy, the company will eliminate network-based networks that work together to comfort and torture people.

The above rule existed in the past, the time when Facebook could have started was when Taylor Swift’s Instagram account was blown up by a snake emoji following The biggest breakthrough is electronics maker Calvin Harris. In terms of celebrities, the company has also developed new ways to protect people from harassment and embarrassment. In order to do so, it seeks to remove profiles, pages and groups of volunteers for sexual purposes. It also highlights “extreme pornography,” including images and cartoons.

“We have changed this because weapons like this can make people look good, which is unnecessary and often does not match the activities that the shows represent,” the company said. Facebook will also provide additional protection for unwanted celebrities. They can include people as journalists and human rights activists.

Facebook has always faced the challenge of doing more to avoid harassment and harassment on all of its apps, but especially on Instagram. After the final of Euro 2020, which saw three black players on the English team facing a flood after England were defeated by Italy, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri promised the company would do so. show new stuffs to protect users. “Prejudice and the word of the enemy have no place on Instagram,” he said at the time. “Not only do we honestly see people being bullied, but it breaks the way Instagram works.”

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