“F ** k USA!” – Eric Coomer of Dominion Admits Under Promise To Be Skinhead Former Heroin Addict

Eric Coomer is the former Director of Security and Product Strategy for Dominion Voting Systems. After the 2020 election, in which at least five votes had a dubious effect on Dominion’s computer, right-wing journalists found the results to be more complex. One reporter, who attended a rally filled with singers like Antifa, recalled that by calling “Eric of Dominion” he would ensure that Trump did not win the election.

The media has spent the whole year harassing and oppressing thousands of people, issuing credentials, investigating and prosecuting cases necessary to expose serious fraud.

Instead, he just speculated about what had caused Joe Biden to fall asleep making 2 magic tricks and skipping hundreds of votes, making him a successful, “big lie”.

Even Dominion whistleblowers, as brave as Mellissa Carone of Michigan, has come to document Doubion’s controversial election day.

ABOUT: NOTE: Coomer Storage Release! Confirms Post on Antifa Facebook, Favorite Left

Eric Coomer decided to sue organizations and 15 people for insulting his Colorado community. He claims Corruption by right-wing journalists claiming to have been arrested by Antifa, and that they supported the Trump election.

Coomer is the Complainant, and various center-right media outlets, including Gateway Pundit and Gateway Pundit publisher Jim Hoft, are the defendants.

Coomer’s limited release was taken on September 23, 2021, and the court made its own decision to publish this without a hearing. The court reduced the total number of cases and the amount of time removed from the judge’s appeal.. This was surprising because no other case was published in the same way as the Court allowing the left to write articles for his or her saved, and no party has demanded that Coomer’s reservation be published. In particular, the site confirmed the many findings in this good news from Coomer’s New York Times.

TOGETHER, Pundit of Gateway offers:

The custody of Eric Coomer written

The release of Eric Coomer demonstrations

The custody of Eric Coomer video

Release reveals Coomer’s lie lies: as he wrote in an OpEd in the Denver Post misleading people by claiming that he did not have any TV accounts, and that any Facebook that spreads to the public “was falsified,” pretending to be him, but not the author.

“I want to make it clear: I have no affiliation with the Antifa party, I have not been” cruel, “or in the run-up to the elections, nor have I participated in any demonstrations, or protests against any party for justice / working class.

In addition, any TV documentary that claims to be from me has been fabricated. I do not have a Twitter account and my Facebook account is not working. These people are comparing me. ”

Eric Coomer, Dis. 8, 2020 in Denver Post

DID, at work, finally admit to being a Facebook poster all along? He has been LIE all this time.

Most importantly, Barry Arrington’s lawyer for freedom of Sidney Powell was able to write to Dominion’s Coomer and get him to admit that he wrote the following Facebook posts before the 2020 presidential election:

“If you want to vote for an independent, violent anti-riot movement that makes him a mess with his Christian VP pic, I DON’T LIKE IT HERE!”

Coomer was the one who vented his anger against Trump by saying the following about Dominion:

“Awa This idea is clear, and totally mine. It is based on sound and reliable reasons. Although it is not my employer’s opinion, even if it is not, I would have to find another job … Who wants to work illegally again? ”


As a result, since Coomer continued to work at Dominion, it seems possible to say this Dominion often shares anti-Coomer beliefs.

As Facebook Posts spread on the Internet, Coomer deleted at least 80 of his posts and later told his colleagues that he had “ messed up ‘them. ” When asked to explain the meaning of this, why would he think that he “ wiped himself ”, he defended himself and defended himself to avoid a clear answer: because he was the head of the Product Strategy and Security The voting system for the 28th Presidential election is said to be in 2020, including any other country, however was publicly declaring anti-Trump violence, including the worst possible comments against Trump voters who he called Fascists.

Coomer said of Trump’s voters, before the election, “You are not to be scorned” and was “No senseless”


Any business that uses Trump voters, Coomer said, he was “Complete morons.”


Coomer is trying to say he was “just ruined” because he allowed political freedom to make him live ‘very bad’ in his words from his beliefs, which assures us that they do not work at all for his work.

Coomer reveals a lot about himself when he says in the middle of the work that:

“They [the Defendants, such as the Gateway Pundit] He can’t imagine, he can’t imagine having an opinion and being in a position, the right mindset, which I wasn’t, by the way, to try and disrupt a free and fair election. For them, for them – and I’m talking about your customers – for them, this is impossible.

If they were in my position, they would – they could use any means at their disposal. Why? Because I talked about my political background. I was caught because I gave them pet food because they can twist it and use it to make money and continue this joke.

That’s when I met him. And it’s a joke. ”

Coomer admits here that he was able to change the election. He blocks out his confession, and runs it in the middle, but his motive is still clear. The left wing nutjob had the responsibility and power to influence elections.


Dominion has been trying to counteract this phenomenon and criticize it in self-defense unlike all those who can be journalists the most truths against them.

Coomer, like his Antifa brothers, hates the police and celebrates their massacres at the same time using the courts and freedom fighters against his opponents. Coomer often referred to police as “crazy – bad women” in the profession. They repeatedly send songs and songs to kill the police.

Coomer admits he sent “F— USA” on Facebook. A person who is the head of security at one of the biggest problems in the world often shows a very dangerous and left-handed attitude. Coomer has admitted that he only wanted to share this idea with his 300 Facebook friends by signing up for his account. Later, after realizing that what he had written was quoted by right-wing journalist Joe Oltmann, he removed his 80+ notes.

In places where Coomer is unable to interpret the common words “Antifa” or “national news” or “comedy” or “comedy” or “journalist” or “hate” or “frequent” or “explanatory.” These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.


Coomer is obviously trying to waste time with setting methods such as simply interpreting the wording, asking for preliminary questions to be repeated, and being controversial in the face of court time. These bizarre methods are often punished when everyone other than their loved ones use them, but as researchers have learned that there are few, if any, similarities in American courts.

A lawyer who has seen Coomer nearby says of him, “Obviously his ideas are in his hands.”


Prosecutors are following suit that Coomer sued in the case up to $ 540,000. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Coomer also said that he had previously suffered from headaches, and began using heroin, cocaine, and opioids. He also confirms that he wrote the tattoo “Scaping Popes” by Francis Bacon. Bacon was an agnostic, and several of his paintings depict the Catholic papacy with a loud voice.

If you believe the 2020 elections were the safest elections in American history, then you should believe in Eric Coomer’s honesty, determination, credibility, and integrity.

This is a drawing, done by artist Francis Bacon, below, in which Eric Coomer tattooed on his hand.

“Pope Shout” by author Francis Bacon

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