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After a successful stint in the acting world, Erika Tham released her hit single ‘Admit It’, a popular and captivating R&B song that she says ‘feels certain’ to her creative spirit.

“I’m just happy to give something to the world that feels like I’m trustworthy and who I am,” Erika Tham the sections are HollywoodLife. “Something” is his first song to be released, “Accept it, ”A major blend of R&B and pop. Opposing neon products that honor his Chinese-Malaysia heritage, Erika utters a slur. “Forgive me for my persuasion / forgive your thoughts,” sings his friend who has not given you the opportunity, the stupid lover who has fought for him (when he can’t say the same.) But, after listening to “Confess,” everyone no in love with Erika Tham?

The song opens with a new chapter in Erika’s work. “I have always loved music but I grew up in Asia in a country so far away from the industry, a job I just felt could not afford,” he says in an interview with EXCLUSIVE. Erika, 21, is best known for her work in front of a camera, appearing in Nickelodeon Make It Pop, Disney Channel’s Original Video Kim Chaweza, as well as on Fox’s Stars. Now, Erika – whose father is Chinese-Malawi and her mother is Dutch, Ukrainian-Canadian – is ready to change from being a star to being a singer. “When I moved to LA and taught myself to play the piano, I found music, and that’s when music became what I wanted to do,” he says.

“Confession” is a first step. In conversation with him HollywoodLife, Erika explains how the work came to be, why the song represents her entire vision, and why you should not wait to hear new songs from her.

HollywoodLife: You’re in the process of changing, having done well as a young person with roles on Disney, Nickelodeon, and FOX TV movies and movies. What made you want to start a song?

Erika Tham: I have always loved music but I grew up in Asia in a country that is so far away from the industry, a job that I just feel is unattainable. To be honest it was a privilege when I was 14, I hunted down a tape from Thailand and booked my first job, which was just like music. As a result, I found myself singing in the studio a lot. Those were always my favorite days at work. I quickly realized that music is the lifeblood of my heart. After moving to LA and teaching myself to play the piano, I got some writing, and that’s when music became everything I wanted to do.

I spent a good year at our home piano and just writing and writing before I found myself in my first studio role as a songwriter, and writing for another artist. It was on Brian Kennedy’s studio, and I remember that after the session, he pulled me aside, told me I was dope and wanted to bring me to write for other artists he worked with. I was playing, but I couldn’t believe it! We’re working together on my project now, which sounds like a minute round, but we laugh at the first part because they don’t know I’ve never done that and I shake all my shoes all the time.

How does the way you play behind your back affect or develop your musical and artistic skills?

I think my experience as an actor helps me to play the game when I need it, to listen to what my audience wants. For me, singing and mastering music is not just about hitting the right notes and at the right time; I am very careful about the tone and tone of the voice that I use, and I deliberately do the way I sing each word when writing. I’ll sit in a ten-ton grocery store to use one word until I find the right word, and I think the certainty of the purpose of the feeling can come from behind me in practice.

Since this is a small refund, what is the main thing you want people to receive from you with ‘Acceptance’? ”

I’ve never been able to do anything I’ve ever done, but with my music and my art, it’s 100% me. I think everyone will have their own receptions, but I’m just happy to donate something to the world that sounds so trustworthy and who I am! That being said, I hope everyone feels compelled to listen to my music [laughs].

Erika Tham in 2019 (Image Press Agency / NurPhoto / Shutterstock)

You worked with your friends and Grammy producers Major Myjah and Deion Gill, who worked as J. Cole, Usher, Chris Brown, and Damian Marley – what about writing and drawing?

My boys !!! I love them all so much. Every song on this EP was made the same week in Atlanta. We lived at Airbnb, and the first night there, I told Deion about the medical world that I had been renting out of my head for so long. It was dark and enticing and immersed in water, and I mention the characters, and the sound I felt was probably there. I also explained to him that I had always wanted to create something that included Asian traditional instruments but it was made in modern style, R&B, pop / hip hop. We all have creative skills, so I know they enjoy and understand the vision.

The next morning, lo, I came down, and he made Six wonderful ways that sounded like they were drawn into this sonic world. While one of them was playing, Major and I were in the kitchen eating breakfast, and Major was just pissed off, making fun of my manager, Syd, using Samsung instead of the iPhone. There is a video of him somewhere! Later that night, we saw the video again, and I heard him say the words “admit it,” when I came up with the first line in the song, “I admit, I would never know love if it was in it.” songs that were written by themselves because we are just being honest.

What is the result of your music career? Should we expect the EP or album to come?

“Accept It” is part of an EP of three songs! I’m releasing music for a month until the end of the year, as well as a kind of “Admit It!”

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