Elementary School Eliminates ‘Pumpkin Parade’ because It Makes People Different

Seattle elementary school is taking them out of the Halloween tradition because school administrators believe it “discriminates against people of another race.”

After five years of discussions with the school’s ‘Racial Equity Team’, Benjamin Pumplin Day Elementary School ‘Pumpkin Parade’ will not take place.

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School: ‘Pumpkin Parade Disables Students Not to Celebrate Vacation Celebrations’

In the past, Dzungu Parade was an opportunity for students to wear Halloween costumes.

A school prophet he was told Seattle consultant Jason Rantz, “In the past, Dzungu Parade distinguished students who did not celebrate holidays.

The prophet continues, “The alliance is [Seattle Public School’s] “

What could replace the Dzungu Parade students? Opportunities to do “autumn work” and “fall learning sessions.”

Children can also share “all the fun moments of the season.”

School Announces Removal of ‘Pumpkin Parade’

This school sent a letter to the parents explain the change.

The letter stated: “Halloween parties often discriminate against certain students on the basis of their religious beliefs, financial standing, or lifestyle. read it. “Dress-up parties are often unpleasant for many children, and distract students and colleagues from learning.”

It added, “Major events change the format with a lot of noise and crowds. Some students face temptations, while others have to deal with the isolation problems. It’s fun and frustrating for children.”

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Parent David Malkin is not happy about the end of the annual Halloween celebration, and says it is “a tradition of pure white supremacy.”

“I don’t see any way in which this can solve any injustices that are so unfair,” Malkin told supervisor Rantz. “You know, this seems to be a very good thing on behalf of the head teacher and the staff who are mostly white.”

He added, “I hate to see such things being gradually removed and destroyed or destroyed because someone, you know, their idea in their head that maybe this is the exception, is the opposite.”

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