Dominick Cruz on Francis Ngannou

Dominick Cruz has commented on Francis Ngannou authority authority and why always heavy belt created.

At UFC 270, Francis Ngannou has defended the undisputed UFC heavyweight bout against midfielder Ciryl Gane. ‘Bon Gamin’ managed to get this shot, with a belt, back UFC 265 when he defeated Derrick Lewis. The fight was saved because Francis Ngannou was not ready to return to the octagon, “forcing” the UFC to go elsewhere.

Dominick Cruz, who has been on the shelf for years due to injury, gave his thoughts on Francis Ngannou and his problems with the UFC.

“Ngannou just talked about this, and I ask you why he ran so fast now that he has a responsibility. Why should he rush to defend it? If you have a head, you are the king of the division.

Is Francis Ngannou more motivated than ever?

Weeks go by and as we approach the UFC 270, many believe that Francis Ngannou has shown his maturity as he continues to prepare for the biggest battle of his life.

Ciryl Gane’s masterpiece has been cited as the banana skin of the great Francis Ngannou. After working hard to reach the top of the mountain, he will not give up easily.

The heaviest part is starting to come on its own. If ‘The Predator’ can pass through Gane, there will be many competitors waiting to try to strip him of his belt.

Francis Ngannou is a talent once in a lifetime in terms of his strengths. If they can’t put the issues with the UFC one side, there’s a good chance they’ll be there with more interest than they want from a sharp man like Gane.

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