Disney’s post on Fauci’s Getting Violent Comments

Disney’s latest post on Doctor Anthony Fauci is receiving harsh comments from viewers of Rotten Tomato.

The article mentions Fauci, Biden’s well-known infectious disease specialist, who describes his work and became well-known during the epidemic.

Disney describes Fauci’s writings as “a revealing portrait of one of our most dedicated employees, whose work saved millions.”

Top critics on Rotten Tomato seem to agree with this review, however audience comments comes to some idea, and gives the ‘audience’ only 2%.

REVIEW: Former Trump MP Peter Navarro said he told the president several times to blow up Fauci

Fauci’s Disney Records Getting Bad Views

Audience comments on Fauci’s post were not as positive as those from real critics on the Rotten Tomato page.

One commentator wrote: “I was expecting a lie and I helped him a lot.”

Another wrote: “It was not taught as Fauci’s writings and it is only as a temporary proclamation of a politician.”

Other sources make it clear that Disney missed out on Fauci’s role in guiding America on the path of exhaustion and doubt.

The post “does not ask critical questions” or “refutes its lies” another reader accuses.

“It’s the most false doctrine I’ve ever seen in my life,” one wrote. “There is nothing difficult to say, nothing to Fauci as a moralist against a misunderstood and insulting world.”

ABOUT: Rand Paul Says Fauci Lied To Congress After Presenting U.S. Wuhan Coronavirus Research

The former MP told Trump to the Fire Fauci

Peter Navarro, a former business adviser to Donald Trump, recently denounced Doctor Anthony Fauci as a “bad guy” who advised the former President to fire multiple times.

“Make no mistake about it,” Navarro continued. “It’s bad because he was in an American office that used taxpayers’ money” to try to find work – which Fauci denied.

Fauci is accused of lying to Congress about US funding for coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Internal notes a Acceptance through the Freedom of Information Act lawsuits it appears that the NIH granted a “bat coronavirus grant” to an organization called the EcoHealth Alliance.

Fauci repeatedly asserted during Senate evidence that the NIH’s investigation into Wuhan’s lab did not qualify for “employment.”

Senator Rand Paul has been accusing Dr. Fauci claims to be “lying” during his testimony to the Senate.

“You don’t know what you’re saying openly and I want to say it legally,” Fauci replied.

Brian Lowry, of Defendant CNN, Do not agree with the comments of the audience Disney documentary said the opposition “that seemingly twisted [Fauci’s] he did not recognize her by trying to show her demons. ”

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