Democrats Now Release Rally Players’ Subpoenas For January 6

Great growth, Jan. Nomination Committee 6Chairman Benny Thompson has announced that the soups for the committee will go to those planning a peace conference near the White House where President Donald Trump is sitting.

The conference, dubbed “Stop Stealing,” was a gathering of people who believed the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

Violence later erupted in the Capitol House, where it was demolished as the counting of votes took place.

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Who The Committee Wants To Hear From

Jan. Committee. 6 wants to hear evidence from Ali Alexander, also known as Ali Abdul Akbar, and Nathan Martin. The two were connected to allow work at the meeting.

A report from Axios states that the information released from the committee states that Alexander,

“He reiterated at the Stop-the-Steal-sponsored rallies that possible violence could be perpetrated to achieve the organisation’s goals and that he was in touch with the White House and members of Congress on plans to meet the 2020 Electoral College results.”

The committee is also requesting transcripts from Stop the Steal LLC, a related organization and the meeting.

Alexander and Martin are expected to testify on October 28 and 29.

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Committee Chairpersons Defend Subpoenas

Committee Chairman Thompson stressed the need for evidence from the organizers of the peace conference which approved the sanctions.

Mr. Thompson wrote in the newspaper, “The meeting that took place at the Capitol on January 6, like the one that took place near the White House the same day, immediately before the violent protests at the seat of our democracy.”

“On the same day, demonstrations intensified and protests began to erupt. The Select Committee should understand all that happened before the event, including those planning and budgeting. We hope the witnesses will support our investigation.”

Politico journalists and to speak of the event as a “pre-terrorist meeting,” although there is no evidence that the two incidents are related.

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Not Everyone Subjects the Subpoenas

The bad news for the committee is that not everyone will show that they are organized. Four former supporters of President Trump he says he despises supuenas and will not attend a committee meeting.

A report from The Guardian states that White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon, former medical supervisor Dan Scavino, and former Defense Department deputy Kash Patel have rejected the order.

However, in the usual way of a disorder that is often accompanied by Democrat actions, while the President of the Committee. Thompson is investigating the so-called “rebellion,” Thompson may have information about the attack.

In the early 1970’s Thompson was a relative in the small town of Missisippi. There he contributed to the defense of the Republic of New Africa (RNA).

Thompson blamed local lawmakers for the crackdown on the group, which led to the killing and injuring of an FBI agent.

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