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The change of Miz’s Genie for Disney Heroes Night on ‘DWTS’ was an amazing video game. The WWE star revealed a great way of how she became WELL in the background video!

Miz worked as a Genie recently Dancing With the Stars work very much in depth. The WWE legend isn’t just dressed like a Genie Night of Disney Heroes on October 11, he passed away blue for habit. With prosthetics and a bald hat, The Miz became a Genie. You should admire The Miz for your dedication!

In a video before the show, The Miz revealed how she became a Genie. The change began when The Miz started its camp with production ears, followed by blue paint. Then things came to a head very much very much.

After placing the cloud ornaments, the artists sprayed a deep blue dye on The Miz. Took it all a little bit. She also had deep blue eye makeup. Miz finished off her Genie look with velvet harem pants, a red cummerbund, gold bracelets, a goat, and a small ponytail.

Miz is DWTS a friend Witney Carson hurriedly danced to “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin. He received 31 out of 40 from judges. Before that, Miz and Witney went to Disneyland for encouragement. At the end of Disney Heroes Night, The Miz is Photo by Melanie C. all have 31 out of 40.

Miz as Genie and Witney Carson as Jasmine on ‘DWTS.’ (ABC)

Lover Tyra Banks surprised the couple by revealing at the end of the night that no one is being removed from Disney Heroes Night. Jimmie Allen and Emma Slater they were awarded two extra points for winning the Mickey Dance Challenge, and moved on. Melora Hardin and Artem Chigvintsev was at the top of the board after receiving all 9s from the judges.

Miz and Witney will dance again at Disney Villains Night, which airs on October 12. They will dance the Argentine tango to “Be Ready” from Lion King.

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