Biden Economy A Bust: The Worst September Jobs Report of the Year

Excessive fear of COVID-19 is a temporary shortage of workers he says as a result of a terrific September employment report on Friday. A CNBC report states that the numbers were less than half of what it was tested.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 194,000 jobs were created in September. This is the smallest profit since December 2020, dropping more than 366,000 generated in August.

Unemployment fell from 5.2% last month to 4.8%. And as Biden’s management grows in number, the job report shows that many Americans have stopped looking for work and have resigned.

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Not What ‘Experts’ Expect

Numbers from the job report were generated Wall Street is a bit jittery. Capitol Economics economist Michael Pierce said, “This was a time when many people expected unemployment to rise but in reality it was growing. It’s a matter of great concern.”

Many employers are increasing wages and other incentives, but it is clear that there are serious problems.

Hard work also says he had it others in the business and media community were surprised. On CNBC’s “squawk Box”, host Steve Liesman looked at the numbers and seemed surprised by what he saw.

He looked stunned as he counted the actual numbers in the sky.


Liesman put it this way:

“Certainly they were less than they expected. Nothing is happening during breaks and hospitality. The end of nursing. Where are we going? Not a really big decrease here, not, Becky, the numbers you need to put people back to work right now. compared to August… and I think that’s a big issue here. “

In August, when job numbers ran out of expected time again, Liesman called it a “big mistake.”

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September Reports That Live Lately In Biden Economy

The September report on retirement is not new. I am continuation of the performance report in August. Axios says at the time August’s numbers released “less” and “showing a significant decline” on Joe Biden’s economy.

If these numbers show a significant decrease, the September numbers are the most alarming.

While August was a good sign that Biden’s economic policies were not working, the poor were blamed for the epidemic, especially the Delta’s increase in COVID-19.

Even legitimate journalists have a hard time defining numbers and use terms like “dangerous news,” “real weak,” “serious miss,” and “frustration.”

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