Attorney General Garland Abuses Power Should Not Threat Parents

Author GianCarlo Canwear of The Daily Signal

Attorney General Merrick Garland gave a memo Monday ordered the Department of Justice and the FBI to “set up additional operations in the coming days aimed at addressing the increase in criminal activity directed at school staff.”

Garland’s memo looks like an attempt to use the FBI to the threat is silent parents who speak out against ideas for running schools. This in itself may be an abuse of power. What Garland has done, it is very sad.

Maybe Garland doesn’t want to use the FBI to track down parents — maybe he knows he has no control. In that case, they try to get the parents to think that they are doing so. This tactic, he hoped, would infringe on parental rights, and he would shoot his party partner.

Even a number of FBI agents who interview parents may be able to convince others that standing up for their behavior should not be at risk.

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In order to understand what Garland is doing with this memo, you need to have a brief history of the past as well as state laws.

To begin with: What is this “big crime” against school officials? You will not find any evidence cited in Garland’s writings. You will not find any evidence in the FBI criminal information perhaps.

This was illustrated from a letter Deployment of President Joe Biden is National School Boards Association– a strong left-wing group representing many school organizations across the country that promotes competitive curricula. The letter clearly stated the “threats and acts of violence” of school members from parents who opposed opposing views.

The letter lamented the “disruption” of angry parents but managed to find just one example of the abuse of a school principal (probably a guard), which was monitored by local police.

Much of the letter is from the National School Boards Association carrying its pearls, surprisingly angry parents have to work hard to help their children. The current recommendations are nothing compared to the devastating summer 2020 riots more than one billion dollars in goods and led to the death of several species.

Those tactics were not opposed by the National School Boards Association and its generous allies. Instead, the vice president of the current president financial support to the criminals who were committed.

The National School Boards Association is not particularly concerned with special acts of violence that are fully managed by law enforcement officials. It is very frustrating that there is no power to prevent parents from exercising their First Amendment right to return to oppose the idea of ​​running a classroom.

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As a result, in a difficult transition between the many left-wing organizations, he called on the government to give some of its legislative powers to block its opponents. Garland was so happy he couldn’t force it. In doing so, he deceived himself and Biden.

When Biden announced Garland’s appointment, promised to uphold their rights of the DOJ from White House politics. Garland promised the same, saying:

I have spent my entire professional life looking to Ed Levi and other post-Watergate Attorneys General who have represented the Department in the face of unreasonable pressure and persuasion. If I am certified as an Attorney General, I want to do the same.

There is no more obvious example of a politician entering the DOJ than a letter asking the President from the legislature that amends the DOJ memorandum within a week.

But DOJ’s Garland weapons have a problem: There is no valid reason to pursue a criminal law against these parents.

In contrast to Attorney General Eric Holder, who misrepresented and exercised the rights to the Access to Clinic Entrances Act shutting down those who promote life, Garland can’t find any law to deal with his parents. If they could, they would put it on the list.

But the parents don’t know this.

And here he is entering the government of the government. Garland’s memo fails to state any reason for enforcing the law by the DOJ or the FBI, but conceals this with official language that says nothing other than state law enforcement agencies providing advice to local agencies.

FBI agents and government officials (who have nothing good, obviously) will travel around the country to provide school agencies with the local police phone number and the FBI website.

After the noise and fury have subsided, there is nothing left.

What do we do with all of this?

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First, there is no reason to bring about the establishment of a state in this; government officials have this.

Second, Garland has shown, sadly, that he appears in the mainstream political parties and is very happy to allow them to use the legal legal threat to suppress their right to protest. DOJ’s promised notice is a joke.

Third, it is very important for Garland to be able to use less social media to entertain entertainment groups instead of forcing other countries.

Fourth, another is good news, parents should not be afraid. It is their legal right to enforce legal proceedings against schools that teach children the concept of competition.

Go to school councils to hear your voice.

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