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‘Vanderpump rules’ OG Ariana Madix has opened up about recording real Bravo shows after the departure of the original members of Kristen, Stassi and Jax.

Ariana Madix, 36, reveals that he does not miss the recording Vanderpump rules and Stassi Schroeder, 33 years old, Jax Taylor, 42, and Kristen Doubt, 38, after being cut with an ax at Bravo’s actual show. The OG member said he “loves them so much” but he enjoys it weather new. “I see them not being shown not just in photography and I really like them, but it sounds new and new and powerful that is over,” he said. HollywoodLife TOGETHER during Travel & Give’s Travel is a goal fundraiser on October 11 at TomTom in West Hollywood.

“I think it’s another area of ​​research that has not been explored and I think it has a lot of potential for people to see another part of the show without this,” Ariana explained. He also went on to describe the transformation of a different cast. “I think having a small group makes all the problems between the rest of them more deeply articulated and that’s something that I think has always been a reflection of, a close relationship.”

He added, “The people in the show are all very good friends and that’s what makes it hard when you’re in trouble or when you have an argument, you love someone but you get angry.” Saying the war is “too strong” the ninth season, he revealed, “Cutting is greatly reduced because everyone who is left has the best friends.”

Vanderpump rules. Photo: Matt Sayles / Invision / AP / Shutterstock

“We all chat during the plague … This is a big team that spends all of our time together. This is our bubble, because now this bubble is being shown and shown on the show. I think it’s fun because last season there was a little difference between the new players,” he said. this year the players are the closest. ”

In the meantime, friend VPR stars Lala Kent, 31, was told H miss him friends Stassi and Jax, and we hope to come back later. “We miss them so much,” said the new mother. “But, I think the show is good. I think we have two parts. It’s fun and deep. We are back to the roots of the show and these relationships and friendships have a very long history. We spent a couple of years without any intervention, so it’s kind of like a showdown this year. “

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