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Throughout the ‘Halloween’ 2018 season, Allyson Nelson’s Andi Matichak spent most of his time running away from Michael Myers, but in ‘Halloween Kills’, he did the opposite.

Jamie Lee Curtis‘Laurie Strode is looking for Michael Myers inside A 2018 Halloween, right Andi MatichakAllyson Nelson fled the monster. But in the end, Halloween Map, Allyson takes his grandmother and follows The Boogeyman. So how has it changed this time? Andi told us that the answer is easy.

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“Laurie is what inspired him to take a flashlight and follow her,” Andi told HollywoodLife during the individual interview, during which you promote the videos Release October 15. “I think her answer is simple, and her answer is Laurie.”

In the last blown-up caravan, Allyson is seen following Michael with a shotgun before being struck and throwing a flight of stairs near him, home in his childhood. “We’ll look for him, and we’ll end this,” he said before a violent fight with Michael. But based on the drawings shown in the trailer, it is not known if Allyson survived.

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When we ask Andi where her character will go in the next film, Halloween Itha – if he survives – knowing that Michael causes a lot of trouble for his character, he told us, “He did and I mean he lost everything. And, you know, it would be nice to see where our filmmakers go, or not? there is, which Allyson has Halloween Map and unaffected by Michael Myers. ”

He went on to determine if the character would survive the film, but what Andi told us was that there would be “many killings” and it was a “fun” movie. “It’s an unlimited issue and there’s a lot of potential,” he said.

The video, which was pushed back one year due to COVID, will be released on the screen as well as on Peacock on October 15th.

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