Americans Demand Indigenous Culture As 83% Want Government To Negotiate Low Drug Prices

The Republican view that the government to negotiate drug prices and socialism collapsed after a new survey showed that 83% of Americans want the government to reduce drug prices.

Americans Want Low Drug Themes

According to a new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll:

Initially, 83% of people said they would like to allow the government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to reduce the cost of medicines instead of the people who have registered for those who will benefit from Medicare and their plans. This includes 91% of Democrats, 85% of independents, and 76% of Republicans, as well as senior officials (84%), who would be most affected by this.


When asked in particular about any conflict, the majority (84%), including three-thirds (78%) of the Republicans, say that what they are talking about is – this is important because Americans pay higher prices than foreigners, many may not be able to afford medicine, and the company’s profits are huge ”- it is satisfying.

On the other hand, a third (33%) said their objections – “this would have contributed to the government’s participation and would have helped reduce the number of new drugs in the future” – were satisfactory. That includes about half (45%) of the Republicans.

Even Among Republicans, The Build Back Better Is Socialism Conflict Doesn’t Work.

Alternatively, Republicans have been calling for any idea of ​​democracy in the entertainment industry for years that has reduced the controversy, but the clear implication is that socialism is not as threatening to anyone as Americans are paying more for medical bills.

The democratic system of drugs and anti-socialism. It’s use free market to lower the cost of medicine.

Democrats are closing the deal on Build Back Better, and as they look to reduce costs, one of the areas that will not affect them is negotiating a lower price for medicine, because in this case, Americans want “socialism”. ”

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