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Amber Portwood said she was about to go to the ‘grave’ with her secret, after being released on August 12 for ‘Teen Mom OG’.

Amber Portwood shared a secret during the October 12 episode of Young Mothers OG, where he revealed that he had an affair and had been in a relationship with his mother for eight months. The biggest revelation came after Amber said she was writing a second book and was “worried” about other things she was sharing. He said his first book, Too Soon, was “PG-13” and everyone will be “surprised” by the new version because it reveals they are gay or lesbian.

“I’m very nervous right now,” Amber said, when asked how she felt when I told her the secret. He also revealed that the former, Gary Shirley, they already know that they are gay, but they do not believe that they will be “comfortable” in that they talk to them in public. “I think he thought it would be bad for Leah” because “he doesn’t like even the idea of ​​being helped [my relationship with Leah]. This is another shame for [him]. ”

Amber went to tell her maker that her children – a daughter Leah, 12, and a son James, 3 – urged him to get out, but was about to hide his secret “grave”.

Later, Amber called her mother, Tonya, to share with them “privately” before studying this book. And Tonya was a real helper – she told Amber to be with her at all times no matter what. “If that’s what you want, don’t be ashamed of it,” she said, before saying that Leah might “get better” with the issue. “You are my child no matter what. You get it? I love you, baby, ”she told Amber.

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Want more? New sections a Young Mothers OG air Tuesday at 8pm on MTV.

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