Alienware celebrates their 25th birthday with a well-known desktop game

Strange started operating 25 years ago in a garage near Miami, and the Dell brand celebrates an unforgettable anniversary with a gaming PC. New Aurora Machines it has a modified chassis that has more internal space and fresh air, and should run quietly.

The open space of the Legend 2.0 chassis increases the internal volume by 50 percent compared to the Aurora R12 or R10 without major changes to any type of machine, Alienware says. You do not need any ammunition, so you will have access to his ammunition. There is an open section, so you can look inside and see the box that contains the eight components of AlienFX lighting. In addition, Alienware also provides an electronic security cover to keep you moving in the system.


As part of the renovation, Alienware focused on air conditioning. Each machine has two 120mm fans, feed and discharge. Depending on the configuration, Alienware may have one or two fans: first, second feed and then, if necessary, top-notch output. Since this is an Aurora method, there are other ways to cool water as well.

In addition to keeping your machine cool when playing games consistently, Alienware says fans can keep PC quiet. Compared to the previous generation, the brand claims that the new Aurora is as low as 16% less noise-free and up to 9% less on high CPU performance. When worn excessively, the PC is capable of producing noise of at least 15 percent. In addition, Alienware claims that the PC is able to offer a five-fold increase in graphics compared to the Aurora R12.

There are two types of Aurora to choose from: Lunar Light and Dark Moon. In other words, white and black. Alienware reveals a lot of versions, prices and availability later this fall.

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