Adobe is bringing the transformation of Camera Raw to Photoshop on iPad

In front of him on October 26th, Adobe shared a glimpse of what’s to come Photoshop on iPad, and it is huge. You can use its Camera Raw tool to import RAW files from your camera to iPad.

You can use this tool to import any type of file Bad Camera that is supporting here. This includes ProRAW files that Apple iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro can release. Once you fill in the photo, you can change all the changes you can find on the Camera Raw computer, which gives you the option to change things like the shape and color of your photo.

One new feature is that it is possible to import your RAW file as Smart Object into Photoshop. This means you can add your image to the PSD, open the file in the Photoshop desktop and keep the files included with the updates. Adobe says Camera Raw is coming to Photoshop on the iPad soon. In the meantime, we can see that the company is also reviewing some of its upcoming apps for Adobe Max later this month.

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