Adam Schiff Warns Trump None 1/6 Evidence Left

1/6 Committee member, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said the committee had not made a decision to approve Trump, but no one was out of the party.

Video by representative Schiff:

Schiff responded when asked on MSNBC about what it would offer Trump:

I do not know the answer that. Eventually, they will be a the choice we will make if the committee is our chairman announce if it gets there. But one thing we are uniforms, Democrats and Republicans on the elect the committee is that no one has gone gome. We will go where we want to go to find the evidence we need give to the American people and write a definite report of what is the danger of the day we must act to protect the world is moving forward.

And one is very black an unknown word and the responsibility of Donald Trump. We know he encouraged rebellion, but who he was acting on rebellion? Why didn’t we have the soldiers come strongly promoting the Capitol fast? And the president knows what about how to live violence the same day in the presence of these whites pagan groups. There are many unanswered questions questions.

The Message To Trump Is That The Committee Will Not Be Rejected.

If the committee thinks Trump has evidence that he can’t go anywhere, he will be prosecuted. However, bringing in Trump would be a waste of time, and the committee could get evidence from elsewhere, he would not.

It is interesting to hear that the election did not take place on Trump’s behalf because this means that the 1/6 Committee is conducting an inquiry.

The committee goes where the evidence takes them, and if the road goes to Trump, he will not be pardoned at the meeting.

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