Adam Schiff Runs Supporting Republican Invitations To The Trump Autocratic Cult

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is a member of the 1/6 Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said the Republican Party is now Trump’s independent religion.


Notes via Face The Nation:

MARGARET BRENNAN: True, but the problem is when you do it at the party itself, it also appears to people at home if, in disagreement, Washington no longer works.

SINGER ADAM SCHIFF: Look, we have a Republican Party that is now an independent religion around Donald Trump. It does not want to rule. It does not even want to have the solvency and respect of the world. And we need to recognize that they are not interested in authority. And so, we’re going to control, we’ve got to do it. And if we have to deal with our vote, we will. But we need to show that democracy provides, that it can help people put food on the table, so that it can address these huge differences in funding.

One of the reasons Americans may think the two sides are at odds is because of the way journalists choose to cover American politics.

The press does not tell the American people that the country has one party and one self-defense group that is full of destroying democracy.

Rep. Schiff clearly explained why democracy is at stake. However, working journalists are trying to reconcile threats with their politics as traditional myths.

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