A Republican Unleash Vigilante Justice, Destroy Laws

On October 1 a A Maryland man arrested for killing his brother and brother-in-law.

The reason?

He believes that his brother, a doctor, kills people by giving them the COVID-19 vaccine to them.

Misleading and rejecting the realities of science aside, these changes are also disturbing in terms of evidence of increasing legal denials. Not only did the man have a conspiracy, I believe in the madness of the right wing that the vaccine not only protects people and can harm them, but also that he feels he has a license to take the law into his own hands and judge, prosecute, and kill.

What happened was I picked up the phone and called the police if you believed someone had killed? In an emergency, call 911.

Obviously the man knew that his medical brother was not violating any public law and that the police could not do anything about it.

He acted in accordance with the law and the misguided ideas that he and other conspiracy theorists came up with.

And why did they not believe that he had the right to make those laws for himself?

Lawmakers in Texas recently issued an abortion ban, which is not in the hands of government officials but private citizens. Special citizens are given the opportunity to judge anyone who believes they may be in breach of the law and, if successful, receive a prize from the defendant about $ 10,000 plus expenses. If the complainants lose, they should not have to pay a fine, giving private citizens the power to destroy without punishing them.

Growing up, we have seen the Republican Party urge private citizens to reject the ways of democracy and government.

Just take what he did on January 6. DRM Republicans, with the exception of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, have opposed any temporary investigation into the terrorists and prepared. Based on their answers, it is best for them to have the thugs beat and kill the police.

And this is what we have seen for four years as Democrats have tried to follow the law and investigate Trump and his superiors. Trump and his people refused to respect the subpoenas; when the Trump administration, including supporters of Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and Paul Manafort, were convicted, they pardoned Trump.

What do we learn from this? Americans have the right not to disrespect the law and to play by its rules.

Again, we do not see it from ordinary people but from government officials. Indeed, Republicans are refusing to increase their debt to pay off their debts and acknowledge that it is one of the things we see them setting an example by being persuaded not to abide by the rules and destroy the nation and its people.

We live in a time of great adversity in America. Republicans have embraced violent justice, and we can expect to see more from within and outside the government.

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