7 Crazy Results when Lamar Jackson leads the Ravens back to the Colts on ‘Monday Night Ball’

The Ravens (4-1) and the Colts (1-4) made an impressive display in their “Monday Night” game, Lamar Jackson leading Baltimore back to the lower starting point – and a 16-point fourth-place win – to beat Indianapolis 31-25 in extra time .

The game had a number of good performances, not only from Jackson (37-of-43 passes, 442 yards, four touchdowns) and Colts quarterback Carson Wentz (25-of-35 passes, 402 yards, two touchdowns) and Mark Andrews . The Ravens ’tight end had a fitness, going 11 yards out of 147 yards and the first two received more of the season. All of this trouble came during the return to Ravens. Not only that, he also created two teams to turn the two-dimensional test.

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There was more to Monday’s game than just crazy. It also had broken strokes and something that hadn’t happened in three seasons.

Here it is, here are seven crazy statistics from the Ravens’ “Monday Night Competition” returning to win the Colts:


Jackson’s march against the Colts broke his old 324 spot, which was set for September 8, 2019, against the Dolphins. Here’s the big story that Jackson’s new surprise is: He was 335 yards in the second half it is OT erasing his previous sign. It had 107 movements in the middle.


In addition to the previous marches, Jackson managed to pass 86%, becoming the first to return to the NFL in history finishing almost 85% of those who throw while throwing more than 400 yards. Per ESPN & Info results, This is a record of the backbone who threw 40-plus in a game. Add to that his experience, and Jackson had one of the most played games in NFL history.

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Jackson did it in more than one way against the Colts: He also had 62 night runs. Why is that so? Because this gave him 504 yards in error in the game. According to Promoting Pro Football, who tie him up with quarterbacks Drew Brees, Jake Plummer and Matt Schaub 13th-all-time single.


Jackson was not the only one who had a good night Monday. Colts’ teammate, Carson Wentz, managed to score 25 out of 35 yards over 402 yards and two touchdowns. Jackson and Wentz combined for 844 yards with six touchdowns passing through, a non-stop zero. Per ProFootballTalk, is the first and final round in three days that both have thrown more than 400 yards in one game.

Coincidentally, the last two to do so – Patrick Mahomes of Kansas City (478) and LA Rams’ Jared Goff (413) in 2018 – also did well on “Monday Night Ball.” The game brought a 54-51 victory for the Rams.


Earlier Monday, the Colts boasted a 120-0 record as they led by 16 points in the fourth quarter since 1984. But Baltimore scored two goals and a two-point change in 25-25 games and sent them into extra time. The Colts didn’t get a chance to expand this as Jackson traveled south to Baltimore and won the game with his fourth overnight pass.

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They lost to the Ravens ’extravagant victory: their NFL-43 series in a game of 100 yards or more. Baltimore finished with 86 yards down. The Ravens will have to settle for being tied to the Steelers in the NFL’s longest line. The Pittsburgh line began in 1974-77. The Ravens’ line began in 2018.

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In other words, we don’t think he cares.


That’s how he beats Jackson now by calling him a quarterback. He tied former Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino on the NFL record for most successful QBs before the age of 25. Jackson turns 25 on January 7.

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