6 External Security Cameras (2021): For Home, Business, and More

There are more consider when purchasing an external security camera. It can be difficult to know what you want, so there are some important questions you can go through.

Wires or batteries: Control cameras often require drilling to be installed, they should be close to the lights, and they should be turned off if the lights do, but they do not need to be charged. If you are buying battery-protected cameras, installation is easy, and you can choose the location you want. It usually runs for months before being replaced and warns you if the battery is low, but this means that you have to remove the battery, or sometimes the entire camera, to replace it, which takes a few hours. It’s worth noting that you can buy power or control panels to have battery-powered cameras here, which gives you the best in the world.

Type of videos: You may be tempted to go with the most convincing video as you can, but it’s not always a good idea. You can see more in 4K video, but it requires more bandwidth to move and storage space to record than Full HD or 2K resolution. People without Wi-Fi need to be careful. You usually have a visual impression, so the camera takes a lot more, but this can lead to a twisted shoot in the corners, and some cameras are better than others when fixing distractions. Essential, especially if your camera is looking at a place mixed with shade and sunlight (or street light), with the help of HDR, as it can prevent bright spots from getting out or dark areas from losing detail.

Communication: Most security cameras connect to your Wi-Fi router at 2.4-GHz frequency. Depending on where you want to place it, you can appreciate the support of the 5-GHz band, which helps the stream flow faster. Some systems, such as the EufyCam 2 Pro, come with a built-in Wi-Fi range extender. Remember that you should not place a security camera in a place without a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Type of subscriptions: Many security companies offer a subscription service that offers a cloud-based video storage system. It’s not always just a choice as it seems. Some manufacturers have good features such as recognition of people or segments of events, making registration a requirement for you to get the best out of its cameras. Always check the refund price and make sure you know exactly what is included before you buy.

Nearby or cloud storage: If you do not want to subscribe to the recording program and download videos to the cloud, make sure your chosen camera provides local storage. Some security cameras have MicroSD cards, while others record videos on home devices. Few manufacturers offer a low-cost cloud for free, but you can usually pay $ 3 to $ 6 a month for 30 days of storage for one camera. For multiple cameras, long-term recording, or continuous shooting, you are looking to pay between $ 10 and $ 15 per month. There are usually discounts if you pay annually.

Installation is essential: Remember that a Visual security camera with strong restraint. You don’t want to hide your cameras away. Also, make sure that the idea is not just looking out the neighbor’s window. Many cameras offer adjustable settings to filter the recording or detect the movement of the camera. If you are buying a battery-powered camera, remember that you have to charge it from time to time, which is why it should be available. Proper positioning of security cameras sits around seven inches from the ground and leans slightly against the floor.

Good false: Unless you want your phone to always come on when your cat is moving on the porch or a neighbor’s dog walks through your yard, think of a security camera that can detect people and filter information.

Night vision and light: Outdoor security cameras often feature infrared vision at night, but low-performance performance varies widely. You always lose detail when you have little electricity. Many types of night vision features monochrome graphics. Some manufacturers offer night-vision dyes, though they often burn programs and appear odd. We like to illuminate when they allow the camera to take excellent pictures, and the light also hinders anyone from hiding, but it is not suitable for any occasion and removes batteries quickly if they do not have wires.

Stealing the camera: Concerned about camera theft? Choose a camera that has no cache. You may also want to consider a protective cage and shot at the top instead of a magnet. Some manufacturers have the idea of ​​recovering from camera theft, especially if you’re registering, but they often require you to file a police report and have the rest. Check this process out before you buy.

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